Deer Hair Sculptures

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Deer Hair Sculptures Gallery

Yes they really do catch fish!
Kamchatka Trout caught on same PINK and GREEN POPPER July 2014
North Fork of the White,  15 inch Native RanbowTrout. 10/1/14 with Shawn Taylor and Ned Meyer
Minnesota Small Mouth Bass on  PINK and GREEN POPPER June 2010.
Tanycomo Trout 18 inch 10/14/14. 
One more 2014 Trout. Or as it had been called,  Mike's Rare Kansas Rainbow Bass
.Kamchatka Grayling caught on same PINK and GREEN POPPER July 2014

Mike's Perch Slider. Tied for Minnesota trip. As  you can see it works!
"The Eyes Have It Frog slider. 8 bass in  2 hours 2015
One of several stringers, crappie and white bass. 2015. Deer Hair??? Clouser minnows of course.
Mill Creek, Paradise Valley. 
Deer Hair Humpie
Sea Trout Marcos Island,Florida 2014
               Small Mouth,   Minnesota                                                Large Mouth,   Missouri                                                  Striped Bass,     Missouri 
Red Fish,
 Rockport,Texas 2016
I am smiling?
Even the small ones can make me smile!
Walleye March 2017
   Copy of a text from my wife to my daughters about a Melvern fishing trip. June 2017                                                                                                                 "So your dad and Doug Oatman leave very early this morning to go fishing at Wolf Creek lake south of here a ways. They pull into what they thought was the lake area.....instead it was the nuclear power plant itself. The armed guards were not amused! Lots of questions, searched Doug's car, looked at their cell phones, told your dad to get back into the car when he got out of it. Blocked the entrance so they could not leave until they released them. Then gave them a map to the lake! And he wonders why I worry when he goes on his little adventures!!!"
We did catch small mouth at Melvern Lake on that trip with Pink and Green poppers and my "little black bug"