Deer Hair Sculptures

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Mike's Bass, Gold 2004
Mike's Trout, Gold 2005
    Deer Hair Sculptures                            Mustad Award Winning Patterns

Mike's Shrimp , Silver 2008
Mike's Crawdad, Gold 2006

Freedom, Gold 2007

Mike's Sunfish, Gold 2011
Mike's Dying Sunfish, Silver 2013

Mike's Improved Shrimp, Gold 2009
Mikes Improved Crawdad, Gold 2010
Mike's Cicada, Gold 2011

Mike's Fuzzy Perch Slider, Gold 2012
The patterns are all unique with my own tying techniques utilized to achieve the desired results. I do not use markers or pens or paint. They are all deer hair placed on the hook in a set pattern and trimmed to shape. Some of the patterns have taken years to develop. I have discovered it is important to learn from ones mistakes and make corrections, and determine how to capitalize on them.