Deer Hair Sculptures

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Deer Hair Sculptures Gallery
Not a work of art but this is where it happens. 

                   Casting For Recovery 
                          Mike's Clown Fish
        Mike's Coral Snake. It is true to pattern. 
                  This is Doug's favorite diver
Mike's Sunfish, Mustad Gold medal winner
              Looking for dinner
                       Mike's Shrimp is one of my most popular patterns
        Fuzzy Bug entitled Sun Rise
                         Mike's Red Fish
                     Jointed popping bugs 

In the Air Force I spent my overseas tour of duty in Korat and Tahkli Thailand. I loaded weapons on the F105 Thunderchief. The 105 flew more missions over North Vietnam than any other American plane, and suffered more losses. The F105 was nick named, by the pilots, the “THUD” for the sound it made when it hit the ground. 108 Thunderchief pilots died flying missions over the North. Most of the POW pilots were 105 drivers. 

FREEDOM is a Salute to those who flew the gauntlet for 100 missions to earn their ticket home. 

FREEDOM is a THANK-YOU to the 108 who lost the deadly game of tag with the SAMs.

FREEDOM is FINALLY a THANK-YOU to all of the Veterans who never received a THANK-YOU for their sacrifice!  

                    Mike's Mustad Shrimp 
Doug Oatman's Photography is responsible for the majority of the pictures on this page. He does sell prints of flies and in 2010 we did a limited edition calendar.
                  Mike's Dying Sunfish 2013
                                                           Mike's Shark.  Uncut and final trim. 
P             I              N            K                               &             G             R             E             E             N


 "STANDING TALL" is tied in memory of OUR  flag STANDING TALL after the bombardment of Fort McHenry in the war 1812 and was the inspiration for our National Anthem.  I have several relatives who fought in The Revolutionary War. I believe all Veterens should be "STANDING TALL"